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“Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food”.
Hippocrates (460 BC-370 BC)

The Mediterranean is a place of ancient civilizations where one can find many things, one of which being, delicious and nutritious dishes. olive oil“Yummy Mediterranean” is the result of a lifetime of personal, multicultural experiences with the Mediterranean cuisine. Not to mention a deep appreciation for healthy cooking, in general. 

I personally took up cooking as a teenager in my father’s restaurant many years ago and have been cooking ever since. You will find a number of my text recipes and videos on this site. 

 The recipes on this site are practical real-world recipes for everyday busy people. Many of these recipes were taught to me by people I have met over the years, and throughout the world. In addition to some generous individuals who have posted recipes on my site. Also, note that this is a work in progress, and that I will not stop adding recipes and videos to this site…So do keep in touch.15426991-healthy-organic-vegetables-bio-food


Thank you for your interest and I wish you a fun, healthy and delicious culinary journey within the realm of Mediterranean cuisine. I hope you agree with me and find that the Mediterranean truly is Yummy!
Be well,


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